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ODNR considers mute swans to be a nuisance, Portage Lakes residents and many other communities do not agree. One such community (Barberton, Ohio), considers the mute swan  such an asset and positive attraction that they grace Lake Anna seasonally and are cared for indoors during the winter months.


 ODNR says mute swans and people do not mix well. We know, as the pictures show, that this simply is not true.


ODNR says mute swans eat too much vegetation. Shortage of weeds has never and will never be a problem at the Portage Lakes, and any displaced vegetation is a great source of food for smaller feathered friends.


ODNR says mute swans are too aggressive. They are no more or less agrressive than geese. Both, to their credit, mate for life and fiercely protect their young.


ODNR says mute swans increase their population too rapidly. The Canada goose far outbreeds the mute swan, and it is not uncommon to see 20 goslings with two adults.  No one wants an uncontrolled  population of Mute swans any more than we want an uncontrolled population of  Canada geese. With a limited number of swans, the population can easily be controlled through egg addling (sterilization) as it has been for many years.


Our goal is to  convince the ODNR that any mute swan problem elsewhere does not apply at Portage Lakes. We are trying to convince ODNR to allow 10 or 12 mute swans to remain at Portage Lakes for the pleasure of residents and visitors.

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